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Cultivate happiness from the inside-out

While optimising confidence, creativity and your brain! 

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What if you could practise and access happiness at any time? Noa has created a variety of ‘happiness workouts’ to help you connect with your body for a deep sense of contentment. This includes quick tips and longer term strategies, supported by scientific studies of bio-chemistry and neuroscience, to guide you to cultivate happiness from the inside-out.

“Noa Belling provides an essential guide to help you access nourishing emotions of happiness, joy, contentment, excitement, confidence, and pleasure. With practical tools based in neuroscience, this book offers an alternative to antidepressant medication, without any side effects!”

Dr. Arielle Schwartz, author of The Post Traumatic Growth Guidebook (Pesi Publishing, 2020).

“Noa’s work speaks to resilience in such a lovely way. I enjoyed the “Happiness Hack” exercises that evoked feelings in me of love, care and connection. As an added bonus, having just had a knee operation 2 weeks previous, it was the first time I had felt zero pain in months with the help of the feel-good biochemicals! I will definitely be getting Noa’s new book, The Happiness Workout. Thank you Noa for this wonderful offering.”
–Tessa Whyatt, Art Psychotherapist and Coach, Cape Town, South Africa


Build emotional strength and manage stress with body mindfulness

The Mindful Body is available internationally in bookstores and online.

How does your mind live in your body?
How can body awareness help you change your mind and your experience of life?

This book is your practical, personal guide
to exploring these questions while learning how to manage stress and build emotional strength with body mindfulness.

Top 10 List of “MY FAVOURITE BOOKS OF 2018” by

“The Mindful Body is an important contribution to society and to the somatic psychology field. It offers simple, accessible methods to draw on body awareness for potentially profound effect. Benefits include enhanced vitality, empowerment and joy as individuals and together.”
Diane Poole Heller, PhD, Somatic Attachment and Trauma Resolution expert

The Mindful Body offers a riveting, much needed, and clear-eyed look at the body mind connection in an empowering way. Popularly accessible, credible and breezily enjoyable. As a facilitator, Noa is impressive with sharing her vast knowledge with fascinating ease and interaction. Noa has not only thoroughly researched her book, The Mindful Body, she lives it and powerfully represents a Mindful Body.
Rachael Rogan, Yoga teacher and mindfulness facilitator



Introduction to yoga for all.

Demonstrates 60 yoga poses common to main schools of yoga.

Clear photographs show how to build up to poses through gentle, gradual practice. Describes health benefits of each pose.

Struik Publishing 2001

I would like to say how much I appreciate your book The Yoga Handbook. It is so easy to use and refer to, whereas other texts viewed at the time of purchase seemed wordy and difficult.  I have used it as a guide for many years but only recently really delved into your comments on breathing. What a difference that made! Whilst previously stuck on a plateau with a limited number of nightly exercises, I now go through a much wider range of exercises and continually progress – no longer feel constrained.”

Geoff W, Melbourne, Australia, 79 years

The first book I read by you was “The Yoga Handbook” and it has been over the years a constant “go to” for refreshing my understanding and practice of yoga. I live in the US and pre-ordered your new book “The Happiness Workout”! I am delighted that you continue to help and inspire my life! Thank you Noa!”
Sage Hopkins, Massage Therapist and Laughter Yoga Teacher


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