Cultivating mental health and wellness.

Through psychology, body mindfulness and practical, enriching books.

Services offered
  • Mental health and stress management programmes
  • Talks and keynote speaking
  • Individual therapy
  • New book on anxiety and stress management coming soon!
  • The Happiness Workout
  • The Mindful Body
  • The Yoga Handbook
  • Book launch gallery
  • The Mind-Body Series
Resources & Interviews
  • Change your posture, change your mind’
  • Simple practices to harness your happiness
  • Happiness Hack: Refresh energy, release tension, boost confidence
  • Happiness Hack when sitting at your desk
  • Happiness Hack: Uplifting and emotionally soothing
  • How Does Your Mind Live In Your body? How Can Body Awareness Change Your Life Experience?
  • Interview on The Mindful Body

About noa

Award-winning, bestselling author, psychotherapist and corporate consultant

Noa Belling uses her many years’ experience of intellectual and physical discipline to guide others in enhancing vitality and life fulfilment. Noa holds a Masters degree in somatic (mind-body) psychology through Naropa University. Noa has two decades of experience as an author of practical, enriching books on mind-body wellbeing, as a presenter of talks and workshops in the corporate sector in support of mental health and wellbeing, and as a psychotherapist in private practice working with adults.


Noa is also an educator in the field of somatic psychology, counselling and coaching, such as designing and teaching an applied somatic psychology course through The South African College of Applied Psychology that she delivered for over a decade and teaching courses in dance/movement therapy, such as through the University of Cape Town. Noa currently provides ongoing professional development courses and workshops for health professionals. Noa’s first career as a professional ballet dancer, then a Yoga teacher and now an avid practitioner of Qigong, also influence her mind-body approach to wellbeing.

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